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    About AIS

    Agile Info Systems is a Global Software Solutions and Services Provider. We are focused on using our Systems, Processes and People with the aim to achieve the highest levels of quality and simplicity. Our solutions focused on low cost, high quality, secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. We have strong project management practices and Agile software development methodologies for delivery management. more...

    Product Portfolio

    We have rich set of software applications and products also catering to different business needs.

    Distance learning/E-Learning product with live video streaming

    Meta Search Engine (Enzine). We dont have any product as such for meta serach engine but we have defined technology and teams who are good at screen scraping and xml API integrations to achieve Meta Searching.

    Drive lockerOn Data Security side we have this product, by the name turtle shell which is good tool for preventing data theft by locking USB drive and CD drive.

    Complaint Management System / CMS. CMS is the another product which is a extensive complaint management system with communication change management and tracking till closure along with pendency escalation and tracking.

    Spectra SMS Gateway. We have feature rich SMS Gateway product which is capable of bradcasting messages / voting management and execution along with query mode.


    .Net development

    AIS has trained resources and has developed best practices for .NET application development using Microsoft’s .NET architecture. AIS’s Microsoft Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid application design and development.

    AIS Services

    Agile Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. (AIS) reflects and supports our concept of a business service. For this, we use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices. AIS provides cost-effective and highly qualitative offshore software development services delivered on time. AIS has rich experience in offshore software development / outsourcing management. We at AIS can execute projects of small medium to large sizes with adherence to requirements and customer satisfaction. We have strong project management practices and processes along with qualified PMP Project managers to control results from teams. At AIS along with traditional Life cycle practices we follow Agile Software Development practices to take care of changing or fluid requirements. While providing solution of global quality we also provide cost advantage of offshore development center in India. more...

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