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Latest news

2012-11-25 smoother animations on desktop computers (patch Ver. 3.3.0)

2012-01-18 Pinch Zoom (gesture zoom) beta version released.

2011-08-03 - Ver. 3.3.0 Runs very smooth on iPad.

2011-07-15 - Ver. 3.2.2 Now image tiles can be watermarked.

2011-05-29 - Ver. 3.2.0 Fullscreen mode.

2010-10-20 - Added compatibility to xt:Commerce VEYTON 4.

2010-10-18 - Ver. 2.1.6+ Oxid eSales Plugin.

2010-10-11 - Ver. 2.1.5+ added support for JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF und PSD image types.

Modules & Plugins Ecommerce

Magento 360 spin & zoom See AJAX-ZOOM in action on Magento
Integration quide
XT:commerce 360 spin & zoom See AJAX-ZOOM in action on xt:Commerce (xtcModified, Gambio, VEYTON 4)
Integration quide
Oxid product zoom See AJAX-ZOOM in action on Oxid eSales
Integration quide
hybris zoom 360 spin See AJAX-ZOOM in action on hybris multichannel commerce (no php)
  More coming soon...


Reasons Why

  • AJAX zoom is not SaaS / ASP (Application Service Provider) application. Everything is on Your server fully controlled by You!
  • No recurring costs, free updates.
  • Continuously under development. Custom modifications on demand.
  • iPad ready.
  • Stepless Zoom, Pan and Crop interface with mousewheel support (zoom to point).
  • 360° spin & zoom support (3D object rotate)
  • iPhone / iPad support.
  • Fullscreen view.
  • Various image protection options, dynamic watermarking / annotating.
  • Source images and tiles never load into cache! The source folders can be .htpasswd protected.
  • Powered by the popular jQuery javascript library, which is a future-proof investment.
  • No plugins like Flash, Java or Silverlight required.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Supports JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF und PSD image types (TIF & PSD only with "Imagemagick")
  • Works with any DOCTYPE, also in quirks mode!
  • Skinable over CSS and more than 300 customizing parameters controlling colors, layout, size and behavior. In fact almost every possible option is configurable.
  • Branding free. Ajax loader and the background can be replaced with your own images.
  • Native PHP GDlib and ImageMagick support.
  • Build in galleries: vertical (left, right), horizontal (top, bottom) and "inline", all with a slideshow option.
  • Single source imaging - "on-the-fly" generation of all necessary thumbnails and tiles from one master image.
  • Batch conversion with a single php file - can easyly be integrated into any CMS.
  • Many different ways of integration!
  • Several API methods to control behaviors like zoom to a specified image area in this example, load a different photo or entire picture set, thus making AJAX-ZOOM easily extandable.
  • Can easily be integrated with or into popular "lightbox clones" that support Ajax content or Iframes.
  • All the freedom to generate a php array with the required images - static, dynamic from any database, directory or whatever. Commented examples are provided.

Image Protection

Image pyramid

Navigation Interface

  • Mousewheel zooms in and out
  • Left mouse click zooms in
  • Right mouse click zooms out
  • Shift + left mouse click zooms out too
  • Tool selection: select area for zoom in
  • Tool selection: pan within the zoomified image

Integration Example

The following example represents only one posible solution:

		<!-- Put the placeholder DIV where ever in the <body> -->
		<div id="test">This id a placeholder DIV</div>
		<script type="text/javascript">
		// Create new object
		var ajaxZoom = {}; 
		// Define the path to the axZm folder
		ajaxZoom.path = "/axZm/"; 
		// Define your custom parameter query string
		ajaxZoom.parameter = "zoomData=/pic/zoom/fashion/some_image.jpg|/bilder/ordner1/test.png&example=8"; 
		// The ID of the element where ajax-zoom has to be inserted into
		ajaxZoom.divID = "test";
		<!-- Include the loader file -->
		<script type="text/javascript" src="/axZm/jquery.axZm.loader.js"></script>

Feature Versions

  • Velocity spin.
  • Easy CDN support probably starting from Amazon S3.
  • Integration with Adobe scene7 image server.
  • Allow more then one instance per page.
  • More skins.
  • Page flip?
  • IOS 6 Fixes - done.
  • Touchscreen gestures for zoom in/out - done.
  • Hotspots integration - done (http://www.ajax-zoom.com/examples/example33.php)
  • Z-axis as extension for 360° spin and zoom - done.
  • Integration in various ecommerce platforms and CMS - in progress.
  • ASP .NET version? Works best with Phalanger - done. Better handling in coming.
  • 3D (360° spin and zoom an object) - done.
  • 360° spin and zoom for Magento - done.
  • Fullscreen mod - done.
  • 360° spin and zoom for XT:Commerce (VEYTON 4, xtcModified), Oxid - done.
  • Full iPod / iPhone & co. touchpad events support - done.
  • Slider for zoom in and out - done
  • Defineable position for image map, also outside of main container - done.


  • Currently only one instance per page is possible. Still there are various ways to present infinit number of images on a page, e.g. as in this example.
  • Opera browser does not support right click on default. It has to be activated in browser settings. Older Opera versions do not support right click at all.
  • Licensed version will only function under the registered domain name(s). The demo/free version can be tested and developed on localhost. For an additional charge the unlimited version can be purchased to be used on intranet. Please contact the support for more information.

Licence / Prices

License Images Resolution Branding Support Price PHP ASP.NET
Light 500 3.2 MP AJAX-ZOOM pre-sale Free Free
Evaluation 500 no limits AJAX-ZOOM pre-sale Free Free
Developer 500 no limits AJAX-ZOOM - - -
Basic 500 no limits - yes €129.00* €179.00*
Standard 1.500 no limits - yes €199.00* €299.00*
Business 5.000 no limits - yes €349.00* €499.00*
Corporate 10.000 no limits - yes €549.00* €799.00*
Enterprise 20.000 no limits - yes €949.00* €1399.00*
Unlimited no limits no limits - priority €1499.00* €1949.00*

Comments (111)

2013-03-28 08:47:42
really like the zoom option is just amazing..thanks..:)
Vadim Jacobi
2013-02-18 22:31:38
Hi People. Thanks for all your suggestions and bug reports. We finally released Ver. 4.0 with clickable hotspot support. Take a look at http://www.ajax-zoom.com/examples/example33.php There is an other example which is worth to take a look at: http://www.ajax-zoom.com/examples/example32.php If you have any other suggestions and remarks, do not hesitate to drop us you thoughts.
Vadim Jacobi
2012-09-13 22:01:05
To all of You who was asking about clickable / mouseover etc. hotspots: the next AJAX-ZOOM version 4.0 will definitely support hotspots! At 2D, 360 and 3D modes, at all zoom levels and at fullscreen mode. Basically it is already working on our prototype, we just need to write an API for handling it (the easy but intriguing part). Hopefully this will be the last new feature among many, many others in version 4.0 so we will be able to present it to You shortly.
2012-08-09 07:24:20
how to save the file? Can it be used with java B/e
Subbu Vadali
2012-07-20 20:35:57

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    We are looking at this tool to integrate with one of our products and certainly require some customization. A couple of such things are: adding annotations, on demand highlighting of text inside the images etc.. Can you please give me details on what would it cost to add these customizations? We are looking at an unlimited .NET version.
    2012-05-21 10:33:08
    Hey guys.

    Great plugin, but is it possible to integrate it in to a site that does not use PHP or ASP.NET?

    We're looking at incorporating this in to a few of our e-commerce sites.

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    Vadim Jacobi
    2012-05-17 21:16:17
    for asp.net please use phalanger. see the docs for more info. thanks
    2012-05-14 17:57:30
    If I install this on php server can I just call the gallery from an ASP.net server? and will it work? Thanks.
    chep phim
    2012-03-29 09:55:26
    Very useful for me, its exactly what i need to protect images from my site. Thanks a lot. Please keep it up!
    Vadim Jacobi
    2012-01-25 23:11:30
    Ed: I do not know if you have seen this example: http://www.ajax-zoom.com/examples/example10.php Maybe this is something for you. Hotspots might be available in one of the next versions...
    2012-01-25 16:53:05
    I am looking for something that will zoom into a site engineers drawing on the web, that has hot spots or links in various locations to show photos or info, perhaps in a popup or another page.

    Can this software cope with these requests ?

    Many thanks
    Marcus Heisler
    2012-01-22 15:03:54

    Could Ajax zoom be used to create 3D interactive data for insertion into ibooks2 books? I'm looking for a way to create 3D interactive objects generated from images for ibooks2. As I understand it (and I'm not a programmer but a biologist) the 3D object format for ibooks2 is based on object models (i.e meshes?). I would like to use photographs rather than an artificially generated mesh to create this kind of interactive object. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
    Life For Rent
    2012-01-12 06:49:39
    really like the zoom option is just amazing..thanks..:)
    Vadim Jacobi
    2012-01-09 12:08:12
    Wil: yes, it is possible to customize the player and turn off certain features. See examples and the docs. If you will have specific questions do not hesitate to contact...
    2012-01-09 03:30:08
    Hi, Is it possible to customize the skin of this plugin and turn off certain features? Just want to know before we buy. Thanks!
    2011-11-28 14:11:35
    Interesting post, after I was only looking for a simple Jquery lightbox-image enlarging script, I found this more sophisticated one.

    I appreciate it!
    Vadim Jacobi
    2011-11-23 15:56:29
    For download the entire image please see here: http://www.ajax-zoom.com/index.php?cid=docs#Download

    If you want to download a croped image, see this example with the callbacks: http://www.ajax-zoom.com/examples/example14.php There you will find all needed parameters to process / crop the original image with your custom PHP script.
    2011-11-23 13:09:40
    Is it possible to allow image saving or print?
    Krupa patel
    2011-11-23 10:42:45
    Hi Vadim,

    I want to know that is it possible that crop the image which is zoom using ajax zoom .

    My Intension is to crop, rotate, zoom and move and then save it
    to mysql data table.

    Hope you will reply soon.

    Leave a Comment